CHARMING Codon Harmonization

CHARMING Codon Harmonization

If you would like to harmonize a sequence with greater than 350 codons or if you would like to generate more than three harmonized sequences as output, please download the local version of CHARMING (Python 3.6) from GitHub
Gene Sequence (max 350 codons) (help):

Please select your desired "codon math" for harmonization: (help):

Please enter your desired window size:

Please enter your desired number of output harmonized candidates (max 3 candidates):

Origin codon usage (help):
Use this database:
or submit your own. The format for submitting your own codon usage tables should match either the format found at KAZUSA or should be in a "codon pairs" format, where each line looks like:
(codon) (frequency)
For example:
ATG 54.2
ATA 33.5

Destination codon usage (help):

If you are harmonizing to the origin species, please check this box:

If checked, no destination codon usage should be specified. Else specify destination codon usage below:

Use this database:
or submit your own:

Please use the following citation:
Rodriguez A., Wright G., Emrich S.J. & Clark P.L. (2018) %MinMax: A versatile tool for calculating and comparing synonymous codon usage and its impact on protein folding Protein Sci. 27: 356-362

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