Coding Sequence Analysis Tools

Tool Descriptions

%MinMax Codon calculator:

Click here to access the rare codon calculator tool as reported by:

Clarke T.F. & Clark P.L. (2008) Rare Codons Cluster PLoS ONE 3: e3412

CHARMING Codon Harmonization:

Click here to access the codon harmonization tool as reported by:

Wright, G, Rodriguez, A, Li, J, Milenkovic, T, Emrich, SJ, Clark, PL. CHARMING: Harmonizing synonymous codon usage to replicate a desired codon usage pattern. Protein Science. 2022; 31: 221-231. 10.1002/pro.4223

Rodriguez A., Wright G., Emrich S.J. & Clark P.L. (2018) %MinMax: A versatile tool for calculating and comparing synonymous codon usage and its impact on protein folding Protein Sci. 27: 356-362

To download a version of CHARMING to run locally, go to GitHub

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